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29Apr, 2016

When to Release: Medical Records, Privacy, Custodial Issues, and Compliance

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  In today’s environment it can sometimes be very difficult to know when and to whom you should, must, or must not release medical records. In cases where there are questions of parental custody, custodial disputes, suspected abuse, and other complicating factors, particularly those involving minors, it is imperative that doctors know what both federal and state regulations require, and have a plan in place to make sure that everyone in the practice follows those regulations.  

8Apr, 2016

Helpful Tips and Reminders for Endocrinologists who Manage Diabetics

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From time to time we here at eQuoteMD like to take a minute to address concerns that are of special interest to physician’s with a particular specialty.  Today we want to address endocrinologists and other healthcare professionals that work with patients that have Type 1 Diabetes.  According to a recent study of claims, performed by The Doctor’s Company, the four most common malpractice allegations made by Type 1 diabetic patients are:

1Apr, 2016

Don’t Get April Fooled When It Comes to Medical Malpractice Insurance

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Today is the day: April 1st, April Fool’s Day. The day when all of your obnoxious friends and coworkers have what society has deemed to be a sufficient excuse for their obnoxious behavior. Or is that too cynical? Maybe we should say today is the day when you get to pull off the prank you’ve had in mind for six months but it always seemed a bit over the top. Or maybe today is the day you get to pull one over on your partner and really throw him for a […]

25Mar, 2016

Five Bizarre Allergies You May Not Know About

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Achoo!  Spring time means it’s allergy season for a lot of people.  The buds on the trees, the flowers opening up, and the beginning of grass cutting season often result in coughing, sneezing, and itching.  It’s a yearly occurrence we’re all accustomed to, but in the vein of sharing some uncommon insights on an annual event that may specifically afflict some of your patients we’re sharing five unusual allergies that you need to be prepared to treat this year.  A couple of these don’t seem too far fetched, but others are down-right […]