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Summary of the Arkansas Medical Malpractice Insurance Market

State of ArkansasArkansas has made tremendous changes since 2003 with the placement of various tort reforms making it a very attractive market for medical malpractice insurers and healthcare providers alike.

The state’s largest insurer covers about 45 percent of the market with about eleven other standard, Admitted Carriers providing stiff competition.

Arkansas Tort Reform Summary

  • Two year statute of limitation from the date of incident or death; one year statute of limitation from the date of discovery of foreign object
  • Nine year statute of limitation for cases filed by minors against OB/GYN's; acts occurring prior to child’s 9th birthday must be filed before the child’s 12th birthday
  • Certificate of Merit to be filed with plaintiff’s expert witness testimony
  • Expert witness must be of the same specialty as defendant
  • Plaintiff must supply evidence of damages for cost of medical expenses
  • Punitive damages are limited to $250,000 or three times the amount of compensatory damages (whichever is greater)

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