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Additional Medical Liability Insurance Exposure of Physician Assitants

As the shortages of doctor’s increase and use of mid-levels are on the rise, are physicians heading toward increasing their medical liability risks without knowing it?  Doctors are faced daily with the increasing needs of patients and less time to assist on day to day issues.

With reimbursements down and revenues declining there is a need to create revenue. Many have found an answer to this need by utilizing their mid-level personnel to expand the care they offer to patients to avoid long waits and boost their bottom line. Do these expanded care positions offer more risk that can be avoided with a simple phone call or short letter? [Read more →]

Missouri Senate Bill 302 Debacle Raises Ethical Questions, but Misses Bigger Picture

Jefferson City has come under fire for a story that broke a few weeks ago. Questions pertaining to a conflict of interest and accusations of ethical oversight in regards to Senate Bill 302 have lit up news tickers across the state, compelling the elected inhabitants of the Missouri State Capital, and their constituents, to start looking for answers.

Regulating the Missouri Medical Malpractice Insurance Market – Senate Bill 302

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What Happens to Your Medical Liability Insurance When Taking an Employed Position

While many doctors are finding themselves faced with reduced reimbursements, high medical liability insurance premiums and high expenditures that exceed their financial guidelines to maintain a profitable practice, the question they ask themselves is: “Why am I trying to do this all alone?”

Enter the white knight, the hospital looking to purchase their physician medical practice and relieve them of all of the stress of worrying about that bottom line and putting in endless hours or adding services to make up for the reductions they face in the future just to make ends meet. [Read more →]