Medical Malpractice News

22Mar, 2017

How medical malpractice insurance liability limits vary from state to state

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Medical malpractice insurance offers financial protection to physicians and others in the medical profession when medical errors occur. Similar to other forms of insurance, medical malpractice insurance policies often include liability limits that cap the amount that insurance providers pay out in claims for insured parties during any given period. Liability limits vary from state to state because medical malpractice laws vary from state to state. States often require that physicians obtain policies whose liability limits conform to certain state requirements in order to satisfy possible claims in that state.

5Aug, 2016

Do Damage Caps Work?

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In the world of tort reform caps, or statutory limits on non-economic damages in malpractice cases, are one of the oldest and most common approaches.  However, these caps are also one of the most controversial methods of reigning in what many see as out of control  and unbridled liability awards.  We’ve talked about some of those issues before here and here and here.