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29Feb, 2016

New Malpractice Risks Associated with Electronic Health Records


When electronic health records (EHRs) first came on the scene the healthcare industry and medical malpractice insurance companies believed they would reduce the risk of medical malpractice claims. One of the main reasons for this belief was that many of the common malpractice risks at the time were connected to paper, handwritten medical records. Doctors are notorious for having poor handwriting, and in a great deal of malpractice cases they couldn’t even read their own writing. Adding to the problem was a system where a doctor or nurse could easily […]

19Feb, 2015

The Doctors Company Releases Results of a Study on Malpractice Claims among Cardiologists

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The Doctors Company, one of the largest medical professional liability insurance providers in the country, has recently released the results of a major study they’ve done analyzing malpractice claims brought against cardiologists. The authors of the study looked at 429 closed claims brought against cardiologists from 2007-2013 and analyzed both the types of claims brought against these doctors and the causes of the injuries alleged in the claims. Types of Claims Made

9Sep, 2014

When Can a Patient Sue? Statutes of Limitations and Statutes of Repose

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While thinking about a lawsuit probably isn’t at the top of anyone’s list of things they look forward to doing, it is something that, as a doctor, you want to have a certain amount of preparedness for.  One of the things that’s important to know is, from a legal standpoint, who can and can’t bring a claim against you and when? Basic Statute of Limitations

16Oct, 2013

Tips for Preventing a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit – Document It!


Over at the Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR) website, the story is told of a doctor who was sued by a patient in a situation where there was, in fact, a less than ideal outcome, but not due to fault or malpractice on the part of the doctor or any health professional.  The MPR article uses this story to make the point that sometimes lawsuits happen wholly apart from any malpractice, because often patients believe (and are sometimes encouraged to believe by attorneys) that any adverse outcome must be someone’s fault.  They […]